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Standing Up For Civil Rights In Indiana

Every resident of the United States is guaranteed certain civil rights. When a police officer, prison or other entity violates these rights, Findling Park Conyers Woody & Sniderman, PC, will fight to hold those responsible accountable and recover compensation for the wrong.

Our team strongly believes in defending the civil rights of our clients. Allegations of civil rights violations can be difficult to prove, but our experienced have reached numerous favorable court verdicts and private settlements. If you suffered a violation of your rights, then you have an ally in Findling Park Conyers Woody & Sniderman, PC

If your civil rights case involves a personal injury or medical negligence, we also practice these legal fields.

The Police Should Protect You, Not Harm You

In a perfect world, every police officer in Indiana would obey the law, follow proper procedures and treat suspects with respect. Unfortunately, sometimes an officer will violate the rights of the very people they are supposed to protect.

We can represent you if you experienced:

  • Excessive force
  • False arrest
  • Failure to intervene
  • Racial discrimination from a police officer
  • Sexual harassment from a police officer

You might feel as if you have no power compared to the police force. Findling Park Conyers Woody & Sniderman, PC, can put the power back in your hands.

If You Are Incarcerated, You Still Have Rights.

Your rights do not disappear when you set foot in a jail or a prison. Every inmate has civil rights, too. Our lawyers can help you if you or someone you loved is incarcerated and has experienced:

  • Inhumane prison conditions
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Abuse by a law enforcement officer, a corrections officer or an inmate
  • Inadequate access to medical care
  • Cruel and unusual punishment

Many people dismiss the rights of inmates, believing that civil rights violations are simply part of incarceration. This is not true, and we will fight to restore your rights.

Learn About Your Rights In A Free Consultation

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