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Medical malpractice law in Indiana is complicated and strictly specific. Proving medical negligence is difficult, and the litigation process is very long, comprehensive and costly.

At Findling Park Conyers Woody & Sniderman, PC, we focus exclusively on malpractice litigation and boast more than 73 years of combined experience navigating Indiana’s medical malpractice laws. Our clients benefit from our experience and history of case success. We are your compassionate advocates, tirelessly fighting for justice.

Has A Surgical Error Left You Or A Family Member Permanently Injured?

Unfortunately, surgical mistakes can happen, but when a doctor fails to recognize and correct an error during surgery, the result may be a permanent disability or life-threatening illness for the patients.

If a surgical error has left you seriously ill or injured, or if hospital negligence has resulted in an otherwise avoidable death, you need an assertive attorney who makes sure that your rights are respected.

Common injuries resulting from errors include:

  • Spinal cord injuries –– Injuries to the spine can be devastating, resulting in partial or complete loss of motor control or sensation and leaving victims facing serious, often permanent problems or paralysis.
  • Orthopedic surgery injuries –– An error made during orthopedic surgery can result in complications, such as an infection, severe disability or chronic pain, failure to diagnose heart attack/stroke and injuries from blood clots.
  • Brain injuries –– Failure to properly monitor a patient’s condition during surgery can result in severe or permanent brain injury. An anesthesiologist may fail to recognize abnormal vital signs, or a nurse may fail to report a change in condition or symptoms to the doctor. An undetected brain hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain), improperly clotting blood or prescription errors can also result in serious brain or neurological injuries.
  • Birth injuries –– Fetal injuries can occur before or during childbirth. Doctors may fail to diagnose a mother’s medical condition, such as preeclampsia, Rh incompatibility, neonatal infection, during pregnancy. Instances of negligence include a health care provider failing to respond to the mother’s or fetus’s distress, incorrectly using forceps or a vacuum extractor, or failing to anticipate a tangled umbilical cord. Permanent fetal injuries, such as cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, or death may result.

Has A Misdiagnosis Resulted In A Serious Illness That Could Have Been Prevented?

When a doctor fails to provide you with competent care, the result may be a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a serious or life-threatening illness. When your illness goes undiagnosed, you cannot receive the treatment you need in a timely manner. This delay in treatment can be fatal.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in Indiana medical malpractice law and put clients first. We build a strong case and seek the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

Prescription Errors Can Be Fatal

Prescription errors occur when the wrong medication is prescribed or medication is prescribed to treat a misdiagnosed condition and the patient is harmed. In a hospital or nursing home, drugs may be incorrectly administered to patients by nurses or staff.

The most common prescription errors involve inaccurate dosing, with patients getting too little or too much of a drug. Doctors, pharmacists or health care facilities can accidentally overdose a patient, causing neurological deficits, disabilities or death. Because our lawyers focus almost exclusively on malpractice law, we know what to expect and aggressively approach these complex cases.

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